C'est La Vie

November 25th, 2004

Probably against better judgement, Ken and I woke up early and headed out to climb Elliot Left Hand (WI4), but due to a couple fatigue influenced decisions, we found ourselves racing up the hill towards Kitty Hawk. We figured it out, and headed over to what we thought was Elliot. Unfortunately we also figured out that we were at the base of C'est La Vie (WI4+). The walk over to Elloit was a long ways so we decided to just climb as far as we could on CLV.

The sun rising over the DTH Valley.

The first step into the canyon (WI3).

Climbing up the gully was fun! It was extremely narrow, often only a few feet, with fun little cruxy ice steps around chockstones. We roped up for a real pitch or two before topping out into the basin.

Ken coming up the narrow slot.

Passing one of many iced chockstones. Photo by Ken.

Climbing a wide slab of ice into the basin. Photo by Ken.

Contemplating what to do. Man am I tired! Photo by Ken.

We were both pretty exausted, and a grade 4+ curtain did not seem to be in the cards. However, an easier looking climb up and right fit the bill, so we hiked on up there. It turned out to be a nice 30m pitch of grade 3+ ice, though a bit brittle.

Ken thinking it has been a long hike up to this thing.

Ken working up the brittle pitch (WI3+).

We decended by rapping trees, fixed anchors, ice bollards and one v-thread. Quite an adventure climb with absolutely beautiful views. Tomorow, we decided, would be a rest day!

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