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We've all seen them.  We probably own one of them, but should we trust them?  Those great $10 ice screws that many retailers were selling (some still do) from Russia, are not quite the deal they seemed to be.  These lightweight titanium screws with tiny (sometimes larger) threads are a real danger to people who don't understand the backround of these screws.  Below I outline some of the basic problems that arrise with these screws.  

To sum this up, these screws are cheap, lite, and limited.  They do serve a good purpose for the ocasional belay on a glacier or icy section, but should be disgarded when taking on the sharp end.

Note:  There are good Titanium ice screws out there.  Ushba and other more expensive Russian screws (like the large diameter ratchet ones) all have big threads and quality controlled manufacturing.   Ushba's screws are made of a special Titanium alloy that has suposidly tested stronger and less brittle than conventional alloys. These screws are a good weight savers as well as good pro. 

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