Hec-Ed Pavilion



Begin at the NW entrance and climb up and over the flagpole to the first ledge. Traverse to the extreme NE corner of this ledge where three pieces of weakly secured rebar offer a potential ladder to the next level. At this level proceed south and gain several more feet mantling. At this point step up onto the prominent switchbox on the west wall and step around (very long) to the sign and using this as a foothold mantle onto the roof. From here trivial friction slabs lead to the summit, easily done in one lead. ND-H

Another route begins at the SW entrance and climbs to the first ledge as in the above route. From here either climb the face or utilize a shoulderstand to gain the next ledge. Traverse from here to the next ledge to the south and then to a point half way along the south gully to a large steel pipe. Jam this to the summit slabs. The east summit is the highest. H

First Ascent: DC

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