Abiel Peak - North Face: It's All-Der

March 25th, 2006

Abiel Peak's North Face. Our route at right in pink.

Keith, Pax and I hiked up the Lake Annette trail (off exit 47 on I-90) to climb the North Face on Abiel peak on Saturday. The approach trail is popular with day hikers, and was packed down so well that we didn't need our snowshoes at all. We walked across the lake and postholed up a short slope. The north face is about 500-750 feet tall (ranges from 3-6 pitches) and has a ton of winter lines on it.

Sneaky Pax-Gnome awaits his prey. Photo: Keith

hmmm, what to climb. how about that one.

We chose a line and went to work, climbing up the initial snow cone with our ski poles. At this point a critical descision for all ascents must be made: what to do with the ski poles. After many sad goodbyes, we threw them from the face Mark Twight style...

Dave leading the first pitch (AI3).

The climbing was fun, mixed ice, turf and neve. Some ice screws here, some slung branches there.

Pax getting in the groove. Photo: Keith

Pax styling some steep sustained ice/neve/snow/moss. (AI4)

Keith recieving a snow-shower, coutesy: my crampons.

Dave climbing up some steeper waterice in the forest on pitch 3. fun and wild. (WI3) Photo: Pax

Pax wooping it up in the forrest.

The 3rd (and last) pitch was a blast! AI2 and WI3 through a dense forest on a ramp. Truly an I-90 alps classic.

Dave on top with his new prototype double-Quarks. two in one hand is better than one. Photo: Pax

We walked off right (to the West) and easily picked up a wide gully that leads back under the face. Good times!

It's All-Der III, AI4.


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