Coleman Icefall bouldering

Coleman Icefall - Ice Bouldering

The Coleman Glacier Icefall

The Coleman Glacier is a great place to learn and have fun ice climbing.  Not to mention in one of the most beautiful volcano settings in the state!  Phil, Greg and I spent this sunny Sunday mostly bouldering around on the ice serracs and crevasse walls.  Later in the season, as were the conditions when we were there, the icefall created longer, more vertical and icy walls that are good leads or top-ropes.  I have seen potential pitches of up to 60 feet!  For the most part, there are numerous 20-30 foot walls of good steep ice.  This is an obvious place to hone your ice skills for a day before tackling the North Ridge.  So get out there, leave the crappy russian ice screws at home and put those tools to work!

That's me downclimbing after leading a short step.  

Phil Whacking away over our frozen lake landing pad

Climbing up through the hole

Pictures provided by Phil Fortier

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