Boullion Basin

Emily and I had a spectacular day of skiing down in boullion basin Saturday the 10th. The drive down to Crystal was quick and and roads were bare and dry. We parke in the lower lot and soon started skinning up the road that leads into the basin. We crossed a bunch of side trails and roads, but soon made our way up onto the East side of the valley.

The wind was howling and it was a blue sky blizzard as we skinned deeper into the valley. After passing a few parties on snowshoes and skiis, the track took a turn uphill. After a good 600 feet or so, the slopes were looking too inviting, so we took a run down next to the trees.

Emily kicking back, havin' a cold one (in honor of her unkle Steve, whose tight little old school ski pants she's wearing)

The snow along side the trees was protected from the winds and thus still had nice soft powder. We skinned back up the hill and followed the track farther on until we were at about the 6300 foot level. We could just spot another untouched line down to the valley floor, and after digging a snow pit, we took off down another excellent run.

Emily starts to love this powder thing!

Dave in "aggressive stance" (watch out!)

Again, the wind protected slopes had the best snow. Emily remarked that I was skiing a little too "aggressively" and that maybe I'd have an easier time if I mellowed it out a bit. However, I was just practicing the "German Powder technique"! (or so Phil tells me) To picture this technique, simply shout "Hop! Hop! Hop!" and imagine a little bounce from one turn to the next. Aggressive? No, just German! ;)

Emily in deep

Very happy- Emily and an aggressive gnome she came across

One more medium length run and then it was back to the cars. We followed open glades down to the "wall of trees" that seems to block the parking lot farther down valley than where you come up. After traversing right along its edge we came to a big avie swath that provided access down to the parking lot below.

Once back in the parking lot we noticed that Phil and Greg's trucks were still there from this morning. Turns out we got back about 10 minutes earlier than they did.

Phil's new girlfriend slims down by drinking diet coke. Looks like she's waiting for ya on the truck big boy!

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