Index Climbing

August 16, 2003

Phil and I had a couple hours to climb Saturday morning, so we headed out to Index to climb some classics. Unfortuantely it was sprinkling, so we wasted some time before getting down to buissness. First we climbed Ultrabrutal (5.6) above the door to the cave over on "The Country". A good warm up. We then walked over and climbed Princley Ambitions (5.9+) which is a very nice climb with good hand and finger cracks as well as an airy hand traverse.

Climbing up the initial ramp/crack on Princley Ambitions.

With only a bit of time left, we scrambled over to the Great Norther Slab and did Libra (5.10a) crack, a beautiful but short hand crack.

Preparing to launch up Libra.

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