Mt. Rainier Ice

November 8, 2003

Loren and I headed down to Mt. Rainier to see if the ice along the Nisqually bridge was in. After bushwhacking up the hill for 20 minutes, we determined that it wasn't really. Mikey's Gully was a thin and discontinuous ribbon of ice, while the climb to it's left was in climbable but unprotectable shape. We just bouldered around on it before heading up to the Narada falls area.

Loren getting the first swings of the season in on "Hey Mikey, He Likes It".

Narada falls was melting and collapsing in the sun, but across the ravine there were several thin but climbable flows. It turned out to be pretty good ice for early November, and we ended up climbing basically all the lines there. Good times!

Loren bouldering.

This curtain was some of the better ice in the area. The climb in the background was fun too.

There was one nice and comparatively long curtain of ice which made the grueling, dangerously slippery, and downright GNARLY two minute approach on the tourist trail all worth it.

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