Finishing Hammer Gully

November 23rd, 2004

We all climbed Finishing Hammer Gully (WI3-4) on our drving up to Nordegg day. It is one of the Waterfoul Gullies across the road from Howse Peak. The approach was quick, and there were a few steps of fun thin ice before we roped up. The climb gets sun, so most of the climb was pretty anemic. Regardless, it climbs a nice gully and is capped by a steep 30m pillar.

Finishing Hammer Gully (WI3-4).

Howse Peak. wow.

Ken working his way up the first tricky step. I called rope at this point!

Dave starting the next pitch on thin ice. Photo by Micah.

Leading the crux pillar (WI4) higher on the pitch. Photo by Micah.

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