Mt. Hood - Palmer Glacier

Begin on the climbing trail outside of timerline lodge.  Follow this marked path until the top of the upper Palmer Chair lift (c. 8500 ft) Hike up and right of Crater Rock onto its left flanks until the hog's back is reached.  This prominent cornice, mostly gone in later season, leads up the 30-35 degree slope to the pearly gates.  Either follow the hog's back directly up in early season, or meander around (usually climber's left) the berchergrund and work your way up to the ryme ice covered cliffs.  An obvious gate though the cliffs is passed and from here an easy slope leads to the summit.  Time on this route depends on the physical ability of each one's party, but this route is usually done in one day.  Beware of the berchergrund in late afternoon and later in the season.  Optimal climbing time, according to the Oregon State Parks, is from May through early July.

An early morning start!

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