The Brothers - South Peak Route 2

Benji on the Lunch Counter.

Follow the Lena Lake trail until about 0.5 miles past the lake.  Turn off on obvious trail and hike next three miles up into the Valley of Silent Men.  After about 3.6 miles there are several campsites around the creek.  Follow the left fork of the creek uphill until a large snowpatch is reached.  Route #2 climbs the rocky cliffs next to the waterfall until the SE spur is reached. This route involves some exposed class 4, and perhaps some short sections of class 5 depending on the particular line.  A rope should most probably be carried for this section.  Route #1 continues past the snowpatch through the woods along side the west branch of the creek.  This faint trail leads to a low angle open snow slope.  Climb this slope to a headwall and find a good spot to cross the creek.  Climb through small trees until a flat spot to a prominent rock outcrop.  This is Lunch Rock.  Both routes can meet at the Lunch Rock and continue up the "hourglass" couloiur in the above picture.  Once the summit ridge is attained, scramble around the rocks until the true summit is reached.  Route #2 takes considerably longer due to its technical nature and routefinding.  Route #1 is faster and more straitforeward.  Probably time to summit is 4-6 hours from creek camp.

Dave on the summit.

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