Flett Glacier Skiing

September 18th, 2004

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Blesidith were the high and lofty slopes with the unseasonable dandruff of our lord in heaven. Not but an uncommonly large spot of moist and supple perspiration would restrain us from the elevations of frost bitten heather. Viceroy and Milord Pax titilated, laying their sharp and lascivious eyes upon the scantily clad North face of the mother Rainier, shielded only by the tight and revealing corset of the Flett. A dangerous serpent of raspy tongue and invisible might had doth unfavorably treated our good and noble countrymen to the flogging of the age. Whilst they mended the sick and wounded with mash of vineberry and spirits of pinecrest orb, we prepared to feast upon the plunder that awaited!!!

Milady's soft caress demands a wide stance! Scroll: Viceroy

and the peasants rejoiced!

Viceroy kisses the sweet nectar of September with his girth?

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