Paradise Skiing

December 7th, 2003

Sir Chris decided that both of our studying could wait this weekend, and it was time to go ski. Snow had been dumping down all week, and dreams of soft powder face shots loomed in our heads. Little did we know that we'd soon be experiencing the ever popular soft powder face plants. Isn't the first ski of the year GREAT??

Yes, work it, work it... lets see that tele! You HAVE to believe!

Believe this!

We skied up the winter route of Pan point and took a reasonable run down into the river valley. I showed Chris how I crank: "Dude, I'm all over this shiiii...whuuuump." The crust down low (below 6k) was hating all over our style, so we braved the deep snow up to about 7,000 ft. up above Mazama ridge on the East side of the valley. This provided that quintessential mountain existence that we'd come for:

Check out those tracks Baby!

Mr. mtnPhil happened to be snowboarding lower down in the valley. He later told me that "I thought I saw you because there was a guy with your skiing style coming down on the East side of the valley..." WHAT? My skiing style is so recognizable? I guess I am just that AMAZING on a pair of boards... yeah, I could see people describing it as "amazing". You know, like "It's amazing that guy made it down the hill."

The tatoosh peeking out on our last run.

Thanks Chris!

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