Zion - Behunin Canyon

After a rest day Mike and I decided to do some hiking... and what would hiking be with out rappelling. The ranger informed us that Behunin Canyon is pretty much dry, and that we can do it with two ropes and no wet suits or bolting gear (as the anchors are in good shape). Armed with a description of a descent in '96 from the visitors center, we hiked in and descended in around 6.5 hours. The route forms a loop so you can start and end at the Grotto bridge parking area.

Mike near the top of the canyon. It's a bit brushy up here...

Nice pools near the first of the rappels.

Rapping down the waterfall...

... right into a pool.

Getting deeper into the slot canyon.

At first, Mike easily keeps the feet dry.

Then dry feet become a little harder to come by! Photo by Mike.

Rapping into the pools near the end.

The last two rapps down towards Emerald pools were pretty easy. To avoid stuck ropes pull the first rapp from the large ledge above the chockstone. Then climb down to the anchor by going underneath the chockstone. The last rapp is free hanging, and to pull the ropes, walk the ends way off to the side and pull. Don't try and pull from where you touch down. Mike and I scored two abandoned ropes on this one!

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